Roadshow: Parents, teach your kids not to text behind the wheel

Q Do you ever get the feeling that many parents are huge hypocrites?Jamie KotsuboSan JoseA Why is that?Q We assume that parents of young drivers or kids getting close to driving are told about the dangers of texting while driving. However, we all know that there are thousands of parents who don't heed their own advice and text anyway. And ... Read More→

Roadshow: Bayfront Expressway joins growing list of Bay Area traffic messes

Q I am exposing a new clogged artery in the Bay Area commute: Bayfront Expressway in Menlo Park, between Marsh and Willow roads. Facebook opened its new campus across from the old one at Willow and created an afternoon nightmare. A new traffic light allows more cars and unmarked white buses to fill the road. Eight years ago it took five ... Read More→

Roadshow: Tricks to getting tailgaters to back off

Q Peg Farrell's driving issues about tailgaters really hit my hot button!Susan AnackerOrindaA As it did for more than 100 others. Peg's complaints set off yet another Roadshow firestorm.Q To avoid tailgating, use the "three-second rule": When the vehicle ahead of you passes a certain point count "one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, ... Read More→

Roadshow: Motorcycle lane-splitting bill on hold until 2016.

Q Any time I see the vast majority of people thinking one way, and the regulators thinking another, I smell a rat. Someone has been wined, dined and golfed. It is unthinkable why any one would allow lane splitting at high speeds, and most of the bikers, in my 40 years of Bay Area freeways observation, casually split lanes at speeds way ... Read More→

Roadshow: 880-Marina widening and 680 metering work nearing an end

Q When is the work at Interstate 880 and Marina Boulevard in the East Bay going to end?Cynthia EarlFremontA Soon, very soon. The Marina Boulevard and Davis Street overpass work could wrap up in late September. Also, the southbound carpool lane from Hegenberger Road to Davis may open at that time. The stretch from Davis to Marina will be ... Read More→

Roadshow: Dirty cars a reason to be proud

Skunks in a La Honda yard. (Bay Area News Group)

Skunks in a La Honda yard. (Bay Area News Group)Q Signs of the drought are everywhere, but the most recent is so many dirty cars! Since the new ban on washing cars at home, it's getting ugly. Perhaps we need a community carwash for those poor souls who can't afford to go to the carwash. Please, somebody do something. The sight of so many ... Read More→

Roadshow: That I-280 backup? Blame it on Joe

Vice President Joe Biden Theranos Newark

Anda Chu, Bay Area News Group A officer stands watch on the roof of Theranos Manufacturing prior to a visit from Vice President Joe Biden in Newark, Calif., on July 23, 2015. Q Do you know what the police escort was for on Interstate 280 from Woodside to San Francisco on Thursday night?The CHP stopped traffic just before Sand Hill Road, ... Read More→

Roadshow: Highway 101 has turned into commute from hell


Bay Area News GroupHighway 101 northbound approaching Willow in Menlo Park. Q I've encountered huge delays on Highway 101 in the Menlo Park/Palo Alto area near Oregon Expressway since June 8. Weeks ago, I contacted several agencies regarding the lane reconfiguration, and heard nothing. What is going on? Please tell me it's not permanent. ... Read More→

Roadshow: Car alarms have few defenders


Bay Area News Group One of more than a dozen cars broken into during one night in Tracy, Calif., 2005. Q In answer to Paul Gregory's question, yes, car alarms work. On one occasion a thief was breaking into a neighboring car and bumped into mine. My alarm went off and my neighbor saw the thief scurry off. Another time thieves broke ... Read More→

Roadshow: Should you get out of a car stranded on the highway?


Susan Pollard Aftermath of an accident on I-680 in Martinez. (Bay Area News Group) Q If I see you or anyone stopped at the side of the road with a disabled car, I'll first try to think if there is some safe way that I can assist you (a few people don't have cellphones). If not, I'll hold good thoughts and carry on. If I'm in that ... Read More→