Roadshow: Cat lovers rise up

Jayaram Jayalalitha

Associated PressQ My cat was deeply offended when he read your column about pets being hit by motorists and found out that he is a lesser animal than a dog. In fact, upon putting the paper down, he walked over to our dog and kicked him. ... I object to reader Mike Bauer, who referred to cats as lesser beings and associated them with ... Read More→

Roadshow: Motorcycle lane-splitting can be safe, CHP study says


Bay Area News GroupLane-splitting on Highway 4. Q Recently while I was mired in stop-and-go traffic on Highway 85, a motorcyclist traveling between lanes at 60 mph took off my driver's side mirror, at a cost of $600-plus. He never slowed down. Remind me again what the rules are on motorcycles traveling between lanes?Marshal MerrimanA It's ... Read More→

Roadshow: Colorado woman misses California DMV


Helen H. Richardson/ Denver PostAt the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Greeley, Colo. Q Gary, I read online the positive comments about the California DMV. My husband and I recently relocated to Colorado so needed new driver's licenses and car license plates.Diana DonerA I imagine you'll tell me about how much better the DMV is in ... Read More→

Roadshow: Griping about electronic freeway signs

California Drought Water Conservation

Richard Vogel / AP An electronic sign warns drivers of California's drought. Q These illuminated signs along our freeways are not a zero-cost operation. Each time the signs are on, we taxpayers are paying the power cost for the message. Illuminating these signs to show trivial, non-urgent information to drivers, such as it's raining or ... Read More→

Roadshow: Why is Highway 87 so bumpy?


Mercury News Caltrans workers investigate a sinkhole on southbound Highway 87, between Alma and Almaden Expressway in San Jose, 2011. Q I become infuriated whenever I drive the length of Highway 87 at freeway speeds. It's one of the newest freeways in the Bay Area, and it's a shameful, bouncy mess. Did they actually lower the speed ... Read More→

Roadshow: Good deeds on road remembered

Tire fix 1115 RB

Mercury NewsPassers-by fix a tire for a stranger.Q We hope you have space for another good deed story. It was 1978. Driving north on Highway 101, we were involved in a serious collision with an RV that pulled out in front of us from a side road near Buellton. We were injured and totaled our car.The family in the car behind ours pulled ... Read More→

Roadshow: Tips for driving in fog


Bay Area News GroupFoggy night on the old Bay Bridge. Q It's winter and that means driving in the fog. Can you advise drivers how to do this? So many don't have headlights on, are moving too fast and act as if others can see them.Mary HagenConcordA Here are some tips on driving in fog. Drive defensively. Allow plenty of maneuvering room, ... Read More→

Roadshow: No new ramps planned at 237-880

Q I had a question somewhat relating to the traffic issue at Levi's Stadium. Does Caltrans ever plan to build that flyover ramp from north Interstate 880 to west Highway 237? It's been proposed on maps for years, and I was wondering if building it would allow for easier access to the stadium from San Jose via Interstate 880.Sean ... Read More→

Roadshow: Full lot means higher rate for San Jose airport parking


Mercury NewsAn Ampco parking employee tells drivers that only one-hour spaces are available in the garage across from Terminal B at Mineta San Jose International; 2010 file photograph.Q I know this probably isn't high on your list, but it's at the top of mine. A few weeks ago, I planned to park at the Economy Lot at Mineta International ... Read More→

Roadshow: California leads nation in miles of carpool lanes


Mercury NewsCarpool lane on Interstate 280 in San Jose. Q Does any state have nearly the number of carpool lanes as California? When we travel, we can cover state after state and never see a carpool lane.Don BellA Not even close. California has more than 1,600 miles of carpool lanes, about 40 percent of the nation's total. The nine ... Read More→