Roadshow: Is it time to remove roadside memorial on I-680?

Q My understanding is that Caltrans permits roadside memorials for a certain length of time. There was a fatal motorcycle accident along Interstate 680 between Livorna Road and Rudgear Road in Alamo last March. Someone has been placing flowers, etc., for the past year. Now a wooden cross has been erected.What if everyone is allowed to use ... Read More→

This is what Ford's doing for Mustang's 50th anniversary


Ford is building a limited-edition Mustang GT to honor the pony car's 50th anniversary.The company will only build 1,964 special cars, honoring the year the Mustang first went on sale.The 50 Year Limited Edition will come in one of the two colors of Ford's logo: white or blue. Buyers can choose a manual or automatic transmission.There are ... Read More→

Roadshow: Perils of changing lanes on Highway 17

Q I just have to write after having way too many close calls on Highway 17. I commute from Bear Creek Road to 17, and usually past Hamilton Avenue is where the close calls happen. When I want to change lanes, I turn my blinker on for three blinks.Shelley MarxBoulder CreekA Good.Q I look in my mirrors.Shelley MarxA Good again.Q I then turn ... Read More→

Roadshow: BART ride should improve when new cars are on track

Q Every time I take BART to San Francisco from Daly City, I'm reminded why I do it so rarely and rely instead on my car. Once on the train, it's a challenge to know which station has been reached. There are few maps within the compartment, it's difficult to understand what is being announced, and the signage at the station is almost ... Read More→

Roadshow: Finally, paving Highway 101 through Mountain View will begin in mid-May

Q I'm really peeved that work on Highway 101 at Highway 85 and Shoreline Boulevard has just stopped. ... When will they finish this project? It is maddening. My stomach turns in knots every day as I drive south around 4:30 p.m. and anticipate the mess where it can take me 20 minutes to go five miles. ... It's been so long that the weeds ... Read More→

Cherokee Limited 4×4 : Up to date, but not quite up to speed


The Jeep Cherokee, absent from the U.S. auto market since 2001, is back. But it is a more luxurious, fuel-efficient version of its former self. You can boo, or celebrate the changes.If you are a devotee of the original Cherokee, introduced in 1974 as a sportier version of the truck-based Jeep Wagoneer, you might boo. That is especially ... Read More→

Roadshow: Highway 85 messes, current and predicted


Q I strongly object to what I consider the removal of a lane of Highway 85 north that I've been able to use for as long as it has existed.Mark ThorpeSunnyvaleA The removal of what?Q I live north of the Fremont Avenue ramp in Sunnyvale, and I suspect the closest entry point to the planned express lane will be at the 280/85 interchange, ... Read More→

Roadshow: Smog-belching pickup draws wrath of motorists


Q On our way to Tahoe the other day near Sacramento on Interstate 80, there was a pickup in front of us that had modified its exhaust so that it was sticking straight up out of the bed of his truck. It was pouring -- and I do mean pouring -- thick black smoke out of it. People were also scrambling to get away because it was ... Read More→

Last Corvette retrieved from sinkhole at Kentucky museum


The mangled remains of a powerful Corvette — barely recognizable to its former owner — were pulled from the depths of a sinkhole at a Kentucky museum Wednesday, completing weeks of painstaking work to retrieve eight classic cars that were gobbled up by the gaping hole.The 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette was buried in dirt and rocks, deep ... Read More→

Toyota, GM recalls push US to near-record pace


Big U.S. recalls by General Motors and Toyota have put the auto industry on a record pace as companies try to avoid bad publicity and punishment from an increasingly aggressive government.On Wednesday, Toyota announced it was recalling nearly 1.8 million vehicles in the U.S. to fix a spate of problems, including air bags that might not ... Read More→