Roadshow: Videos capture teen drivers behaving badly

Car Crash in Alameda

Bay Area News GroupAlameda, 2012: Car in wreck had been driven by a 15-year-old; its five passengers were all under 16. Q When my kids were in high school, I was appalled at the indifference of parents to the law that prohibits teens driving with other teens before a driver had completed one year of driving. It was a law universally ... Read More→

Roadshow: The torture that is the I-680 evening commute


Gary Reyes, Mercury News Traffic on I-680 in Sunol.Q I've noticed that small wooden stakes with spray-paint markings have been pounded into the dirt on the right shoulder of northbound Interstate 680 in the Fremont area. Could that have anything to do with widening 680 and adding more lanes? It would be an answer to my prayers! The ... Read More→

Roadshow: Even carpool lanes can be really slow


Bay Area News GroupHighway 101 in Redwood City, Calif.Q Bonjour, Monsieur Roadshow! I went to Mountain View and did not leave until 6:30 p.m. I was surprised that we SAT in the carpool lane on Highway 85 near Saratoga. Is this normal? I know there is a lot of congestion and more traffic, but sitting in the carpool lane really shocked ... Read More→

Roadshow: Rock debris dings cars on San Mateo Bridge


Associated PressBig or little, rocks on the road have their hazards.Q Work is being done on the San Mateo Bridge, and lots of small rock debris is left in the roadway, which in turn is kicked up onto the windshields and front ends of cars and trucks that cross during commute times. One morning last week my car once again was showered with ... Read More→

Roadshow: New sales tax for traffic relief has its detractors


KAREN T. BORCHERS Beautiful shoulders? One driver doesn't care. (Mercury News) Q I keep seeing references to yet another upcoming sales tax increase on the 2016 ballot in Santa Clara County. This is extremely offensive.Over the last several elections, voters here have passed multiple tax and fee increases including the Valley ... Read More→

Roadshow: Are fog lights necessary?


Bay Area News GroupFoggy night on the Bay Bridge, 2013. Q Urgggggg! Fog lights drive me crazy, especially on the freeway in perfect weather. Or in rain with no fog.Really, people? Less is more. The brights plus fog lights really gets my goat! Coming around a corner on Highway 17 with all four lights blinding you makes me say bad words. ... Read More→

Roadshow: You saw a driver doing what? Readers submit strange sightings


SUSAN TUSAWhen a driver is shaving, the roadways get hairy.Q I can best the rest of your readers on the strangest things seen on the road.Jacqueline WilliamsA I'm all ears.Q What about observing a young woman using a crack pipe on Hamilton Avenue in San Jose in front of eBay? Lighter in one hand, pipe in the other. How was she ... Read More→

Roadshow: Is this technique cool for navigating the 101-Willow mess?


Bay Area News GroupHighway 101 northbound approaching Willow. Q On north Highway 101 in Menlo Park, traffic in the Willow Road exit lane for the Dumbarton Bridge is regularly at a bumper-to-bumper stop. I often see cars in the right lane of 101 completely stopped with a turn signal on, trying to get into the exit-only lane. This then ... Read More→

Roadshow: It's a tough way to get to Monterey

Center Divide

Vern Fisher/Monterey County Herald Highway 68 near the Highway 1 interchange in Monterey, 2012. Q Please forgive me if I seem to be whining, but I have had the great misfortune to drive to Monterey twice recently, and I wrote to you about it a few weeks ago. I realize that this may not be as important to you as Caltrans sweepers or ... Read More→

Roadshow: 6:40 or 9:05? Amtrak commuters want more options


Bay Area News Group An Amtrak Capitol Corridor train at the Centerville Train Station, in Fremont, Calif., 2010. Q Nearly 40,000 people commute from Santa Clara County to Alameda County each day, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. I am one of them. I travel from San Jose to my job in Emeryville and use the Amtrak Capitol Corridor ... Read More→