Roadshow: Freeway fixes will come to Dublin, Fremont — some day

Q With regards to your recent headline about speeders cutting into merge lanes at high speeds, I have to ask about drivers on Interstate 80 approaching the Bay Bridge. Even though they don't plan to exit at Fourth or Seventh streets in San Francisco, they use the "exit only" lanes to speed past cars waiting in front of them -- only to ... Read More→

Roadshow: It's OK to be a Prius nerd

Q You should seriously rethink your call to the "Pious" drivers to rebut Bob Sutis' letter of last Sunday. Just because you took umbrage at his description of you as a nerd or dweeb doesn't mean you have the right to subject the rest of us to another round of this Prius nonsense. You have sufficient requests for help on problem roads that ... Read More→

Roadshow: Confederate flags and the red-light runner in San Jose

Alabama Confederate Flag Rally

Albert Cesare A semi truck drives around the Alabama State Capitol building during a Confederate flag rally on Saturday, June 27, 2015. (Albert Cesare/The Montgomery Advertiser via AP) Q Last Friday around 3:30 p.m., I was sitting at the southbound left-turn lane from Almaden Expressway to Blossom Hill Road in San Jose. The southbound ... Read More→

Roadshow: Explaining California driving habits to tourists


Interstate 10 near the Crenshaw Boulevard overpass in Los Angeles. ( AP Photo/Nick Ut)Q During summer, driving is a lot safer for me and my colleagues. School is out so the worst drivers (parents of students) are now away. But tourist traffic is starting to build, and driving across the Bay Bridge in the late afternoon is more fun due to ... Read More→

Roadshow: Road-diet tirades roll on


LiPo Ching, Mercury NewsPavement is painted green for the bike path on Hedding Street, San Jose, June 2013. Q I love it. When the San Jose Department of Transportation messed up Hedding Street two years ago with a road diet, folks who live along it couldn't get anyone to notice what a mess it had become. But then they muck up the rich ... Read More→

Roadshow: The Prius debate turns to name calling (again)


Mercury News archives Prius owner Steve Wozniak was among the hundreds of hybrid owners who turned out for the Roadshow Prius Party, to have their yellow carpool stickers removed June 26, 2011. Q It's a fact that early Prius owners were dweebs or nerds.Bob SutisLos AltosA Hey, as a Prius owner since 2006, I take great offense at this. ... Read More→

Roadshow: 15,000 more electric plug-ins can get green carpool stickers


Q Did you hear that the state again increased the number of green HOV stickers it will distribute? The new cap is 85,000, up from 70,000. All it needs is the governor's signature. Now more useless plug-in hybrids will be clogging up the HOV lane.Doug ArensBrentwoodA Yep, this is the third time the green-sticker allotment has been ... Read More→

Roadshow: Is a higher mpg requirement a bad thing?


D. Ross Cameron, Bay Area News Group Haze over Oakland, Calif., in 2000.Q So President Barack Obama wants to increase the gas mileage again. Apparently he isn't smart enough to realize he is reducing the gas tax revenue that pays to build and maintain our roads. When are he and the EPA going to get a brain?Stuart PosseltConcordA Whoa. ... Read More→

Roadshow: Golden Gate Bridge tolls to increase July 1


RAY CHAVEZ The Golden Gate Bridge and the Twin Peaks are covered by the fog in San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday, June 26, 2014. A $67 million stainless steel mesh net is expected to be built on both sides of the bridge to prevent or reduce suicide jumpers from the iconic bridge. (Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group) Q I hear bridge ... Read More→

Roadshow: Changes coming to 'horrendous' Highway 237 express lane


Gary Reyes, Mercury NewsThe express toll lane on eastbound Hwy 237 on its opening day in March 2012. Q I'm fed up!Helen ChangFremontA That is when folks page me. Fire away.Q My husband and I carpool to Mountain View. The combo carpool-and-express toll onramp from Interstate 880 to Highway 237 has become so horrendous that the backup is ... Read More→