Roadshow: Watch out for wrong-way drivers at night


Bay Area News Group A driver goes the wrong way on a Bay Bridge ramp, 2013 in Oakland, Calif. Q Recently a driver was killed on Interstate 280 in a crash involving a wrong-way driver late at night. Didn't the CHP once give you some advice on avoiding situations like this?Debra LeeSan FranciscoA They sure did, and it involved one of the ... Read More→

Roadshow: Montague-880 backup is latest commuter headache

new traffic statistics from VTA

Gary Reyes, Mercury News Montague Expressway as it crosses I-880. Q What in the world is happening with the southbound Interstate 880 offramp at Montague Expressway? It used to be so easy to get off 880 here, but over the past few weeks I've noticed the queue getting longer and longer. On some days, it reaches the Tasman/Great Mall ... Read More→

Roadshow: How to complain about speeding delivery trucks


Bay Area News Group archivesAccident on I-880 in San Leandro, 2000. Q I'm a Highway 17 commuter. Lately, as I drive by the Lexington Reservoir, I think of the commuter who lost his life a few weeks ago through no fault of his own when he was hit by a big rig. I thought of him again one morning just after 8 a.m. as I followed a big FedEx ... Read More→

Roadshow: 15 cents a gallon does hurt, one driver argues


Bay Area News GroupChanging the price at a Chevron station on Oakland Road in San Jose, Calif. Q Mr. Roadshow, you know I love you, and I am happy for you that you think that another 10 to 15 cents or more for a gallon of gas won't hurt. However, there are a lot of people it WILL hurt, and I am one of them.Pam AshfordLos GatosA Pam is a ... Read More→

Roadshow: 'Mr. Bikeshow' under siege for 'bias' toward bicyclists


Mercury News archivesBicyclists on Woodside Road in the town of Woodside.Q You really need to retitle your column Mr. Bikeshow because it is a more accurate representation of your incredibly biased view, which always favors bicyclists over drivers regardless of the circumstances.Steven StarkCupertinoA Me incredibly biased? Surely you ... Read More→

Roadshow: BART doors are not like elevators — they will close on you


Kristopher Skinner, Bay Area News Group BART patrons board a train at the MacArthur station in Oakland, Calif., 2013. Q Recently my 84-year-old brother from Mission Viejo was visiting me in Livermore and took BART to and from the Oakland airport. On his return trip he realized quite late that the train was in the Coliseum station and ... Read More→

Roadshow: San Francisco's Marina exit won't open for months


Bay Area News Group Doyle Drive in San Francisco, 2009.Q I keep asking and can't find an answer. Why is the completed Marina exit from northbound Veterans Boulevard at Park Presidio going toward the Golden Gate Bridge still closed? It appears complete, including the exit sign they have covered with plywood. Opening it would alleviate a ... Read More→

Roadshow: $6 BART fare to Oakland Airport will be OK with some travelers

Bay Area News Group The new BART tram at the Oakland International Airport station during testing on July 30, 2014.Q Gary, I suggest that people protesting the $6 fare for BART's new Oakland Airport Connector may not be looking at the bigger picture.Allan HurstSunnyvaleA Which is?Q San Francisco International is overloaded. San Jose is ... Read More→

Roadshow: Will BART work make Berryessa traffic even worse?

Mercury News archives At Lundy and Brokaw in San Jose. Q VTA says it will close Lundy/Sierra in the fall for nine months for work on the new BART line to Berryessa. As Lundy/Sierra is right in the middle of a heavily populated residential area this is going to impact traffic tremendously. With this closure all the traffic that goes ... Read More→

Roadshow: Bicycle buffer law goes into effect Sept. 16

Jim Stevens/Bay Area News Group Diablo Road in Diablo, Calif.: virtually no shoulder. Q Oh Mr. Wizard of all things traffic, I ask of you, with the new law stating I have to stay three feet away from bicyclists, how am I supposed to do this when they ride four abreast on a two-lane street, ignore stop signs, don't wear helmets and just ... Read More→