Roadshow: Are Oakland drivers really that bad?


D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group Traffic on Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Oakland, Calif. Q As a resident of Oakland, I resent Glenn Carlton's statements that "concerning the use of left-turn signals, I always called that the 'Oakland left-turn,' when drivers wait until the light turns green to turn on their signaling device. The ... Read More→

Roadshow: Why does my wife get better mileage in our hybrid?

Mary Barra, Chevrolet Volt hybrid

Tony Ding / AP General Motors CEO Mary Barra talks about the 2016 Chevrolet Volt hybrid at the North American International Auto Show, Jan. 12, 2015, in Detroit. Q Gary, given that my wife and I are late to the hybrid game, you may have covered this before: What techniques can drivers use to improve mileage?Here's the issue -- and you ... Read More→

Roadshow: The angry husband, the upset wife and a frightened pedestrian


Contra Costa Times A pedestrian bumps into a pickup truck that stopped halfway through a crosswalk in Berkeley, Calif.Q I hope you can help us, as my spousal unit and I got into a huge fight over what I thought was an illegal and unethical driving act he committed. Chester (not his real name) stopped for a yellow light at a busy ... Read More→

Roadshow: Why we delay signaling our turns


Mercury News archivesOr you could do it this way. Q I just read the complaint from David Arroyo of Berkeley about drivers who wait for the light to turn green before hitting the left-turn signal. I can explain this.If I'm driving at night and waiting to make a left turn, there is nothing is more annoying than the driver in front with his ... Read More→

Roadshow: Highway 152 toll road still under consideration


Mercury News Highway 152 near Highway 156, east of Gilroy.Q I wrote to you about 20 years ago concerning this same question: Why is the very busy Highway 152 connector between Highway 101 and Interstate 5 still only two lanes? Granted, it is now a freeway past the Hollister turnoff with a nice bridge there, but the two-lane road is ... Read More→

Roadshow: Leave a note if you smash into parked car


D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group A pickup truck, right, lies against a severed utility pole after the driver lost control, overturned and crashed into four parked cars, Feb. 2014 in Oakland, Calif. Q Gary, this has happened to me before, and I can't believe it goes on as much as it does. Someone caved in the rear passenger door of ... Read More→

Roadshow: Back-in parking is easy, 80-year-old driver says


Bay Area News Group Diagonal back-in parking spots along Capitol Avenue, in Fremont, Calif., 2010. Q I'm a woman in my 80s, and I have to chuckle over all the complaints about backing into parking spaces. I have been backing into parking spaces for several decades in the belief that it is both easier and safer to back INTO a parking ... Read More→

Roadshow: Hybrid/electric car owners defend their driving habits


Bay Area News GroupThe Prius floral mural that once graced an embankment along Interstate 280 near the I-880 interchange in San Jose, Calif. Q Concerning the Prius/Leaf haters:It baffles me how some people continue to get their hate on for certain cars and the people who own them (or cyclists, for that matter). Hybrid/electric car owners ... Read More→

Roadshow: Will San Jose's wildest ride ever be fixed?


APKeep screaming. There's no quick fix. Q Who needs to go to Disneyland to ride the Indiana Jones ride when San Jose has its own version? Capitol Expressway eastbound between Narvaez Avenue and Vistapark Drive is full of dips and divots, and at 50 mph this is one wild ride. Better call Mr. Toad!What is causing this, as it seems to be ... Read More→

Roadshow: Hybrids can be costly to rent


Associated PressSan Franciscans buy the most navigation systems and the most hybrids, such as the Honda Insight, pictured here.Q Did you know that a Prius is considered a "specialty" car, at least, if you're a Thrifty renter?Chuck MartinSan FranciscoA You have to be kidding.Q Yup, that's right. I rented a standard car in Boston for 12 ... Read More→