Roadshow: No bridge crossing without FasTrak? What about tourists?

Bay Bridge toll plaza, 2007. (Ray Chavez/The Oakland Tribune)Q When the toll takers go away, will it really be illegal to cross bridges without FasTrak? What about out-of-state visitors? What about a family coming down from Redding for a day in The City? ... How is that supposed to work? Will everyone driving into California be stopped at ... Read More→

Roadshow: Running into freeway signs, metering lights, ladders

Bay Area News GroupCleanup after a spilled load of wood near Orinda, 2013. Q Driving up Highway 101 toward San Francisco recently, I had to swerve around a ladder in the road about a mile north of SFO. I immediately flashed back to an incident I had a few weeks earlier on Interstate 280 just before the Winchester Boulevard exit in which I ... Read More→

Roadshow: Woman painting toenails gets first prize for distracted driving

(Bay Area News Group) Q I thought I had seen it all during the morning commute. Men shaving (both blade and electric); women applying makeup; people reading newspapers; people eating cereal; the list is nearly endless. I honestly thought no one could surprise me anymore. I was wrong:I saw a woman PAINTING HER TOENAILS as she drove ... Read More→

Roadshow: Why there are bottlenecks on I-280

Mercury News Southbound on Interstate 280 near Magdalena Avenue during a January 2010 rainstorm. Q I really appreciate the articles you publish that go into the history and technical reasoning behind why our roads were designed the way they are. If I'm going to suffer through traffic because of a design decision, it helps me mentally to ... Read More→

Roadshow: Gas prices will finally take a summer plunge

Gary Reyes, Bay Area News GroupPrices are expected to return to their levels of fall 2013. Q I understood that gas prices were going to fall about 50 cents a gallon this summer. If they have, I haven't noticed.Megan LewHaywardA You soon will. Prices have dropped only about a dime a gallon since spring, but that may be about to change. The ... Read More→

Roadshow: Readers' favorite 'pay-it-forward' stories

Associated PressAt the Starbucks drive-through.Q You asked for pay-it-forward stories. This has nothing to do with cars, but it's now in its fifth generation.When my great-grandfather immigrated to the U.S., he knew nobody and spoke no English. He was helped by an immigrant aid society in New York City. They told him to pay it forward, ... Read More→

Roadshow: Is FasTrak an invasion of privacy?

Mercury NewsFasTrak transponder at the Bay Bridge toll plaza Q Can you explain why more commuters don't purchase FasTrak bridge passes and instead clog up the cash lanes every day?Jonathon MartinsenOaklandA A Los Angeles study found that up to 30 percent of drivers fear Big Brother and view FasTrak as an invasion of privacy, but I ... Read More→

Roadshow: New striping on Highway 101 causes alarm

Bay Area News GroupQ Several weeks ago several of us wrote to you asking if the lane striping on Highway 101 north was temporary. You assured us that it was. But the essence of the question was missed. We were writing so that a permanent error was not made. Based on the lane tags that have been placed on the road, it appears that the ... Read More→

Roadshow: Is it legal to make a right turn in front of a traffic island?

Bay Area News GroupQ I live on Narvaez Avenue at Capitol Expressway in San Jose. At 6:30 a.m., I get on Highway 87 going north. This stretch of Narvaez is one lane in each direction, and as you approach the light for 87, there is a right-turn-only lane to enter 87, with "NO TURN ON RED" signs.Inevitably someone will bypass the line of ... Read More→

Roadshow: Road boulders face higher fines in a few other states

Q I smile every time I see a column on road boulders, knowing the rage that will be vented in the comments by so many road boulders and everyone proposing solutions to them. I have lived in Minnesota, California, Arizona and British Columbia, and all of them have "Slower traffic keep right" signs that are duly ignored.But Texas has the ... Read More→